I have a passion for Natural Medicine and Feminine Embodiment Coaching and believe that integrating body, mind and emotional health can lead to incredible unfolding in a woman’s health journey.

I am the Founder of Peoniflora, from where I support my clients in face to face consultations, or via telehealth at their own convenience and independent to their geographical location. I also love to run workshops and educate my clients about their mind body connection, general pelvic connection and pleasure, hormonal health & other topics of current interest.

I love to travel, to connect with family and friends and to have fun. I am also a mother to three beautiful boys, a foodie, tea fanatic, flower lover and avid reader. While in clinic, I am fascinated by the science and biochemistry of the human body and how mental, emotional and physical aspects interlace with each other leading to a complete representation of health & wellbeing.

With life experiences in Brazil, USA and Australia, I bring a multi-cultural background and approach to my practice.

My mission is to support, empower and educate as many women as possible to better nurture and understand their bodies in order to make informed decisions and achieve better health, connection, happiness and quality of life.

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